Brokk 100

Demolition robot: Brokk 100 - The next step in demolition versatility

Brokk 100 is the successor of one of our most sold demolition machines ever. And what an upgrade! This next generation Brokk offers 35 percent more hitting power, a more energy-effective engine, reduced weight and transport height, but with the same jaw-dropping versatility for demolition in restricted spaces. Well, actually even the versatility is improved.

In a confined space, size really does matter. The aim is to provide as much power and versatility as possible at the site, and the new Brokk 100 excels at this. Its compact design, easy operation, unparalleled stability, and powerful tools make itperfect for use in a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial environments. In particular where there are space constraints or load restrictions on floors, but maximum productivity is still needed.

In spite of its reach and power, it folds into a surprisingly compact package, and can be brought to the site in a small lorry or on an ordinary trailer, go into an elevator or climb stairs. Just plug it in and be ready to work in an instant, even if you only have access to 16 amp electricity. Brokk 100: Power and flexibility when and where you need it.

Applications: Light and medium-duty demolition work in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Brokk 100
Weight 990 kg (2183 lbs)
Width min 780 mm (30.7 in)
Height min 1147 mm (45.2 in)
Power consumption 0-15 kW
Recommended max weight attachment 150 kg (331 lbs)
Sound power level Lwa 86 db(A)
Transport speed, max. 2.5 km/h (0.7 m/s, 1.6 mph)
System pressure incr. to attachment max. 17.5 MPa (2538 psi)
Hydraulic system capacity 45 litres (11.9 US gal)
Pump flow max. at 50Hz 50 l/min (13.2 US gal/min)
Pump flow max. at 60Hz 60 l/min (15.9 US gal/min)
Tech specs sheet (pdf)
  • CC340



  • SB152



  • D02H-30



  • TE 160-100

    TE 160-100


  • ER 50

    ER 50


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