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Precise Productivity: Contractor cuts labor costs by 90% on bridge project

Nobody likes being stuck in traffic. That had become a common occurrence, however, on the 4-mile-long stretch between Loop 410 NE and Loop 410 S on I-35 in San Antonio. Texas Department of Transportation officials planned to remedy that with a four-year, $61.2 million project.

One section involved filling a gap between two parallel bridges to allow for the additional lanes and a new auxiliary ... read more »

Introducing Intelligent Electronics

We all have stories of times electronics failed us. It could be because of a bad power supply, hot or cold weather, or hardware that’s just difficult to fix. It’s a frustrating problem that increases downtime and lowers productivity.

To minimize those problems in our machines, we recently introduced our new electrical system, Brokk SmartPower™, on the Brokk 280 and then rolled it out on ... read more »

Improve Safety & Hiring in the Process Industry

Your crew is getting older and, despite offering competitive pay, you’re having trouble hiring younger workers to fill the gaps. The difficulty is that these new workers avoid manual labor, which is a large part of working in process and refractory jobs. On top of that, you’re probably seeing your insurance premiums go up. Sound familiar?

Well, more challenges lie ahead. Nearly half of all ... read more »

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