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A New Approach: Foundry increases productivity 50 percent with Brokk machines

From performing repetitive tasks and working in awkward postures to handling harsh chemicals, molten metal and dust, foundry workers take on physically challenging tasks regularly. The weekly, four-hour-long process of refractory removal leaves most worn out, at best, injured at worse.

That’s why a Midwestern foundry tossed out most of its 40-pound rivet busters in favor of removing the ... read more »

Bridge Safety & Productivity with Modern Solutions

Every day in the United States, 188 million vehicles pass over structurally deficient bridges. Each year, hundreds of injuries and even deaths occur from decaying infrastructure.

Out of 614,387 U.S. bridges, almost 40 percent are 50 years or older and 9.1 percent are in critical need of repairs. A recent estimate lists the U.S.’ backlog of bridge rehabilitation needs at $123 billion.

... read more »

She Brokks It!

A small demolition Contractor Uses A Brokk Machine To Grow Specialty Business

Gisselle Bader is no stranger to pushing new ideas. As a woman in the demolition industry it’s something she does every day and she’s proud of it.

“Some guys can’t wrap their head around having a lady on the jobsite,” laughed Bader.

That perception isn’t stopping her from success. Bader is project ... read more »

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