Brokk 520D

The Mean, Green Diesel Demolition Machine

BROKK 520D is a beast. With 40 percent more hitting power and the ability to size up attachments, this diesel-powered machine outperforms everything its size. It’s stronger, faster and has a longer reach – while keeping key compact dimensions of its predecessor Brokk 400D. Adding the Brokk SmartConcept – the reliability of SmartPowerTM, the clever features of SmartDesignTM, the ergonomics and productivity of SmartRemoteTM – this machine is optimal for the heaviest of tasks in any industry. Meeting new emission standards (EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV) it is also the greenest diesel demolition robot on the planet.

Brokk 520D
Gewicht 5500 kg (12125 lbs)
Breit min 1600 mm (63 in)
Höhe min 1860 mm (73.2 in)
Motorleistung 55 D kW
Empfohlenes Maximalgewicht des Anbaugerätes 700 kg (1543 lbs)
Schalleistungspegel Lwa 101 db(A)
Max. Transportgeschwindigkeit 3.4 km/h (0.9 m/s)
Systemdruck 24.0 MPa
Volumen Hydrauliksystem 145 litres
Max. Pumpenfluß 50Hz 125 l/min
Technisches Datenblatt (PDF)
  • Sorting Grapples

    Sorting Grapples

  • Splitters


  • Cut Off Saw

    Cut Off Saw

  • Shot Crete

    Shot Crete

  • Beam_Grapples


  • Drum Cutters

    Drum Cutters

  • Drilling


  • Planers


  • Demolition Buckets

    Demolition Buckets

  • Multi Purpose Grapples

    Multi Purpose Grapples

  • Clamb Shell buckets

    Clamb Shell buckets

  • Metal Shears

    Metal Shears

  • Breakers


  • Buckets


  • Concrete Crushers

    Concrete Crushers

  • Side Angling Device

    Side Angling Device