Joy of Operating Explained

Brokk SmartPower+ sets a new standard with its lightweight, ergonomically designed control box, featuring tilted joysticks for enhanced comfort and efficiency. The innovative QuickSwitch, intuitive settings, and the ability to easily control the robot remotely elevate the operating experience, providing precision, improved response times, and a safer, more enjoyable operating experience. Not to mention, a dual charging option and operator courtesy lights further contributing to a new, heightened operating experience for both seasoned professionals and new operators alike.


  • Lightweight Control Box
    Weighing less than 3kg, Brokk SmartPower+ features a new state-of-the-art lightweight control box, ensuring operator comfort and ease during operation.  
  • More Wrist Space
    Offering ample wrist space and an ergonomic design, Brokk SmartPower+ control boxes facilitate effortless transitions between settings, resulting in operator flexibility and comfort.  
  • Dual Charging
    With dual charging capabilities, Brokk SmartPower+ minimizes downtime, ensuring faster charging times for uninterrupted, continuous performance on the job.  
  • Brokk QuickSwitch
    The innovative and intuitive Brokk QuickSwitch simplifies operations, allowing operators to seamlessly switch between commands, boosting efficiency and productivity. With this new feature, operators can easily switch between using the tool and repositioning the robot for added efficiency and productivity.  
  • Faster Response Times
    The new generation of Brokk SmartPower+ robots offers faster and more precise response times, providing operators with precision control and improved maneuverability for enhanced productivity.  
  • Comfortable and Efficient Work Shifts
    Elevating the operator experience, Brokk SmartPower+ ensures work shifts are both comfortable and efficient thanks to its ergonomic design and user-friendly features.  


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