Brokk 50

Demolition in minimal spaces

The smallest demolition robot in the Brokk family is Brokk 50. Originally introduced to strip down tiles in old bathrooms,

Brokk 50 is able to pass through 60 cm wide doorways and is therefore the perfect machine wherever narrow openings have to be considered. It can be transported in a standard passenger elevator or even climb up and down ordinary stairways.

The low weight of Brokk 50 enables it to be used in most normal buildings, even on weak floor structures. Its small dimensions also allow it to operate in very confined spaces, such as bathrooms of only 3 sq m floor area.

Brokk 50
Weight 500 kg (1102 lbs)
Width min 590 mm (23.2 in)
Height min 940 mm (37 in)
Power consumption 0-5.5 kW
Recommended max weight attachment 70 kg (154 lbs)
Sound power level Lwa 82.9 db(A)
Transport speed, max. 2.1 km/h (0.6 m/s)
System pressure incr. to attachment max. 18 MPa
Hydraulic system capacity 27 litres
Pump flow max. at 50Hz 18 l/min
Pump flow max. at 60Hz 18 l/min
Tech specs sheet (pdf)
  • CC260



  • SB52



  • G30



  • RT 15-40

    RT 15-40


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