Brokk 800P

A true processing beast, built for standing the heat. The game changer for the metal process industry.


The Brokk 800P is the heavy industry champion of the Brokk family. With a weight of 11 tons, 360 degree arm rotation and a reach measuring an incredible 10 meters, it’s a game changer for metal processing applications. The Brokk 800P has an unparalleled capacity for heavy, demanding demolition and maintenance work. Its precision operation makes sure no unwanted damage occurs. When equipped with Brokk’s unique process breaker with heat and impact protection, it’s unmatched in its ability to handle hot ladles, converters, runners and furnace work.

  • Designed specifically for tough metal process applications
  • Rotation boom system for optimal flexibility
  • Patented heat-shielded process breaker
  • Precision operation to avoid damage
  • Available with diesel or electric power
  • Brokk SmartRemoteTM

Hydraulic breaker in illustrations.
Load and stability diagram available on request.
BHB 455


Slewing speed
16 sec/360°
Transport speed, max.
3,3 km/h; 2 mph
Climbing inclination, max.

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic system capacity
240 l; 63.4 US gal
Pump type
Variable load-sensing
System pressure
18,5 MPa; 2 683 psi
Increased pressure to attachment
25,0 MPa; 3 626 psi
Pump flow Diesel/50 Hz el. motor
140 l/min; 37 US gal/min
Pump flow 60 Hz el. motor
168 l/min; 44 US gal/min

Power system

Electric motor type
Motor rating*
45 kW
Rated current*
81 A
Power consumption*
0-45 kW
Starting device
Direct start

Diesel performance - option

Four-cylinder, water-cooled, 4-stroke engine
74 kW; 99 hp diesel EPA Tier 3, EU Stage IIIA
Fuel tank capacity
80 l; 21 US gal
Engine oil volume with and without filter change
13,2 l; 3.5 US gal
Coolant volume
9 l; 2.4 US gal
Freezing point
-40°C; -40°F

Control system

Control type
SmartRemote, portable control
Signal code
Professional radio/Cable
Range, radio
Up to 300 m


Machine weight (diesel)**
11300 kg; 24912 lbs
Recommended attachment weight
600 kg; 1323 lbs

Noise level

Sound power level LWA*** El:
99 dB(A)
Sound power level LWA*** Diesel:
103 dB(A)

74 D, 45 E
Width min.
2200 mm; 86.6 in
Height min.
2647 mm; 104.2 in
Vertical reach (incl. breaker)
10100 mm; 398 in
Horizontal reach (incl. breaker)
9600 mm; 378 in

*Valid for 400V/50Hz and 440V/60Hz
**Excluding options and attachment
***Measured according to directive 2000/14/EC, excl. attachment

Extra Cylinder Protection

Extra Cylinder Protection

Provides impact protection for C2 and C3 and works as a heat shield when working in red hot environments.

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Steel caterpillar tracks

Steel caterpillar tracks

Suitable when operating in hot or sharp material.

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Heat resistant hoses

Heat resistant hoses

Suitable for red hot applications.

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Forced draft cooling of machine

Forced draft cooling of machine

Suitable for high ambient temperatures. Flushes cool air into electrical cabinet and cooler.

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Forced draft cooling for breaker

Forced draft cooling for breaker

Suitable for red hot applications and flushes air through the breaker.

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Extra hydraulic function

Extra hydraulic function

Required for certain tools only.

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Particulate filter

Particulate filter

Reduces the emissions from the diesel engine.

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Lifting eyes

Lifting eyes

Dedicated lifting eyes for easy connection. (Regular lifting points standard on all machines.)

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Brokk’s hydraulic breakers are the most versatile and effective attachments for your Brokk robot


Turn your Brokk robot into a flexible excavator, optimal for confined spaces.

Drum cutters

Brokk drum cutters are designed for trenching, demolition, and concrete surfaces

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