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Innovation through experience

The future of remote controlled demolition

We are constantly working on improving our machines to make sure that Brokk continues to be your number one. The Brokk concept is continuously growing in our present markets and we are pleased to see that it is being spread to new markets rapidly.

The basic idea is still the same which gives you the opportunity to work with equipment that is built for its purpose: safe, efficient, powerful and profitable. We are pleased to see that the Brokk machines are used in many interesting projects around the world.

These are some of the factors that make our work even more interesting and keep us work even harder. We are convinced that the Brokk concept is the future of demolition!

Company history

The two companies PE Holmgren and Rivteknik had been involved in various demolition activities for some time. The idea of designing their own demolition machine came in the spring of 1976 when they were carrying out the difficult and hazardous job of demolishing a lead furnace at Boliden Rönnskärsverken smelting plant near Skellefteå.

The first machine was christened Mini-Max and later renamed PH250 to finally develop into our Brokk 250. The operations grew and in 1982 the owners decided to establish a separate company for the development and production of the machines. The company name was Holmhed Systems AB, later changed to Brokk AB.

Brokk is today a wholly owned subsidiary of the investment company Lifco Group.

Our Quality Management System has been approved by DNV-GL and applies to “Design and manufacture of remote controlled demolition robots”.

Origin of the name

The name has been taken from the mythical figure Brokk, who forged the god of war Thor's hammer in the realm of the Norse gods. Brokk was small but very strong, just like our machines.

He was also something of an artful character, which could also characterise our designers, or perhaps the people who use the machines?

Your definitive demolition solution

The Brokk is the perfect combination of trustworthy experience and a fresh approach to effective demolition and maintenance needs: Today there are more than 7000 Brokk machines in use world-wide, meeting demolition needs every day. Providing cost-effective and efficient solutions.

While traditional methods fail to meet these needs, and competitors struggle to keep up with the standards set by Brokk through the years, we continue to push the limits for remote controlled demolition. This is why the Brokk machines are used in so many important projects around the world.

Our secret is focus

For more than 40 years, we have concentrated on developing remote controlled machines for safe, efficient, powerful and profitable demolition. This is our playground. Our passion. Our area of expertise. While the original concept is kept unchanged – to help our customer to safe, time-saving, quality demolition – constant innovation also is a significant mark of the Brokk machines. This way, we ensure maximum durability, improves ergonomics and safety and enables efficient and profitable projects.

We adapt the Brokk to new market demands, new challenges and new application areas. This focus also manifests itself by the fact that all our experience has one single focal point: Being the expert of getting your job done.

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When we began our journey, we made a promise to improve the safety and productivity of some of the hardest working people on earth. Four decades later, we’ve kept that promise, but we’ve also come further and accomplished more than we ever imagined. Welcome to the Brokk journey!


It’s 1976. The demolition business has long been struggling with dangerous work environments and inaccessible demolition sites. From this tough reality a dream of higher efficiency and safer conditions is born. Visionaries and engineers joined forces and started working on a solution. For months they worked to conceive, build and test a device that would change the demolition business forever: the world’s first remote controlled demolition machine.

Every year since 1976, Brokk has listened to customers, learned from their work and improved our machines. And what a difference we have made. Our demolition machines have changed the working conditions for thousands of people around the world, and they’ve provided critical service when it was needed the most.

Brokk machines helped to clear Ground Zero after 9/11. They assisted in containing the nuclear disaster at Fukushima NPP after the devastating tsunami. Our goal has always been to make a difference and we’re doing it, every day.


During these 40 years, we’ve gotten to know our customers and gained an understanding for all the businesses and environments they operate in. Through our global service and sales network, we learn by meeting our customers face to face. We listen, learn and get inspired to never stop searching for ways to improve our products and new ways for you to use them.

Although demolition is its primary job, the Brokk machine can be used for a wide range of tasks. We introduce our machines to new industries, adapting them to new environments and challenges. But the purpose stays the same: we want your work to be safe, efficient, powerful and profitable.


Humans have always been explorers. We discover new frontiers, build bridges to connect people and places, and seek new ways to understand our world. That’s how we learn, how we evolve – by experimenting and going places no one has ever gone before. That’s the spirit that drove Brokk’s founders to imagine and create the first remote controlled demolition machine. And it’s the spirit that continues to drive us as we improve our products and grow our business.

Research and development plays a big role in our quest to constantly improve. We work closely with research departments from different areas to make the Brokk better, more durable, autonomic and efficient. By applying new technology, experimenting and testing out new solutions we learn and find new possibilities and options. Can we improve the maneuverability by changing the interface between humans and machines? What would it take to make the machine do more of the work by itself? We set no limits as we delve into the search for answers.

For 40 years we’ve been transforming the demolition business, and 40 years from now we’ll still be changing it.