After sales

We have more than 40 years´ experience from the demolition industry and a lot of our staff has been within the company for many years. We are therefore dedicated and capable to provide the best possible service solutions.

A quick spare part delivery can be of great importance to be able to complete a tough demolishing job in time. We provide quick spareparts delivery and troubleshooting. To make the troubleshooting easier we have user friendly and detailed manuals for each machine. On request, tailor made spare parts packages for your new machine can be assembled.

Our distributors participate continuous in comprehensive training programs to be able to give the best possible service of Brokk machines all over the world.

Brokk Academy

Operating a Brokk machine is easy to learn but experience and practice will still make a big difference. We provide training courses for Brokk operators and service personnel. Find out how to get the best out of your machine, how to get the job done as fast as possible, how to handle and maintain your investment!

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