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Next Generation Demolition: The Brokk 100 Upgraded

At Brokk we’re constantly evolving to provide you with the best, most advanced remote-controlled technology on the market. Which is why we are excited to announce our latest generation Brokk 100.

The updated unit features enhanced controls for smoother functionality in slewing and arm movements; an innovative, simplified method to integrate attachments; and an updated electrical system for improved reliability.

“Our focus at Brokk is on continuous improvement, based on a belief that we can always do better,” said Martin Krupicka, CEO of Brokk AB. “The updates to the Brokk 100 demonstrate that philosophy, and bring tangible benefits to our customers.”

The Brokk 100 is proof that power and performance can come in a small package!

“The Brokk 100 demonstrates how we are constantly innovating and striving to produce the best and safest demolition equipment on the market,” said Peter Bigwood, vice-president of sales and marketing for Brokk in North America.

Watch out for more Brokk innovations in each quarterly newsletter. For more information about the Brokk 100, or other Brokk machines, visit our website!

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