Robot Spotlight: the Brokk 70

Tired of the old, cumbersome ways of demolition? Meet the Brokk 70, a compact powerhouse designed to revolutionize the art of tearing down walls (literally!). Buckle up as we take you on a journey through the features that make the Brokk 70 the pint-sized superhero of confined space demolition.
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Robot Spotlight: the Brokk 70

2 januari 2024 News articles

Powering Up with SmartPower™

The Brokk 70 doesn’t just break walls; it breaks records too! Equipped with Brokk’s cutting-edge SmartPower™ technology, the Brokk 70 transforms the demolition game, particularly in the construction industry. With an electric powertrain that cranks up the power from 5.5 kW to a whopping 9.8 kW, this robot powers twice the size breaker as its predecessor, making it like a demolition superhero on steroids. The obvious choice within the construction industry, the Brokk 70 isn’t just strong; it’s smart too, making this robot the ultimate solution for safe, efficient, and powerful demolition.


More Power, Less Weight

Compared to its predecessor, the Brokk 60, the Brokk 70 is not here to play games. It boasts a jaw-dropping 100% more demolition capacity. It’s the heavyweight champion in a featherweight class, weighing less than 560 kg. In simple terms, the Brokk 70 is expertly engineered to redefine the dynamics of confined space demolition, setting new standards, and defying expectations, one construction jobsite at a time!


Navigate Like a Pro

Tight spaces and narrow doorways? No problem for the Brokk 70! Navigating through confined spaces has never been more seamless. The Brokk 70’s compact form allows it to traverse the narrowest doorways and access spaces previously deemed inaccessible, enhancing project capabilities and flexibility. It’s so compact it can slip through the narrowest openings, turning previously impossible demolition missions into a walk in the park. The Brokk 70 enables operators to handle a wider variety of projects and challenges, offering a competitive advantage in the market.


Efficiency Done Right

Powered by a mere 16 A electricity fuse, the Brokk 70 stands as a testament to efficiency and sustainability. This robot is not only powerful but also energy-conscious, minimizing its environmental footprint without compromising on performance. Talk about a win-win!


Say Goodbye to Handheld Tools

Who needs harmful handheld tools when you have the Brokk 70? With the Brokk 70, bid farewell to traditional and often hazardous handheld tools. The robot’s exceptional power and precision render manual tools obsolete, ensuring a safer, more efficient, and dust-free demolition process.

In a nutshell, the Brokk 70 isn’t just a machine; it’s a force of nature, redefining the limits of what’s possible in construction demolition. A pint-sized powerhouse within the industry!



  • Weighs less than 560 kg
  • 9.8 kW Brokk SmartPower™ electrical system
  • Powered with only 16 A electricity fuse
  • Extremely compact – gets through the narrowest doorways


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