Safe descaling – with zero people inside

Brokk Descaler is the solution to avoid hazardous descaling in cement and alumina plants


Our all-new atomized water mist tackles the most harmful silica dust particles for a safer and cleaner worksite.


Today, over 8000 Brokk machines are used in successful projects worldwide. These demolition robots can do wonders with your business as well. See how Brokk can help you thrive:

Meet Brokk 70 The new mini super hero

The smallest demolition robot in the world – now with 100% more power!


Four new demolition robot wonders with industry-leading technology and features

BROKK 520D Mean & green

The greenest diesel demolition robot on the planet. And a mean beast, with 40 percent more hitting power and the ability to size up attachments.

BROKK 300 A new demolition robot legend

We took the mid out of the middle-sized machine. With Brokk 300 you get a 40 percent stronger punch and can carry heavier and more powerful tools.

BROKK 200 Muscle, reach & size

There is a new weight class in town. Brokk 200 is a demolition robot masterpiece. 2,1 ton of compact muscles with exceptionally small footprint.

Brokk SmartConcept

Brokk SmartConcept

We have gathered innovations in three key areas into the Brokk SmartConcept. Together they are unbeatable.
After sales

After sales

Service and spare parts you can count on. Whenever and wherever you need them.


Since the start in 1976 we continue to push the limits for what is possible in remote-controlled demolition.

Latest News

Brokk launches 4 new machines!
Brokk makes the biggest product launch in the company’s history at Intermat in Paris. No less than four new machine models are introduced at once, together with a proprietary Brokk hydraulic breaker range and three new concrete crushers from Darda. The four new machine models take the legendary Brokk power-to-weight ratio to new heights enabled… More

Upcoming Events

Demcon 2020, Stockholm
We are exhibiting at Demcon in Stockholm, Sweden. Meet our team in booth 21 (inside) and U10 (outside). Read more: More

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YOUR BROKK machine IN GOOD HANDS The Brokk Uptime™ concept has three unique main ingredients…

Catalog 2018-2019: Order our catalog here

In our new catalogue, you will find all our Brokk machines and attachments, as well…

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