Diamond Drilling SRL’s success and growth is a testament to the versatile nature of Brokk robots and the unmatched scope of their capabilities as industry-leading machines.

the many faces of Brokk operators Meet Gabriela!

"Personally, for me, it's turning on the Brokk and knowing that everything can be achieved, absolutely everything. There are no limits."

Brokk SmartPower+ Power and brains - just unstoppable!

Brokk’s latest generation is expertly engineered to redefine industry standards with its state-of-the-art advancements

Brokk SmartPower+
Meet the Brokk 70+

The Brokk 70+ emerges as the ultimate solution for secure and efficient demolition within tight quarters

Brokk SmartPower+ Meet the Brokk 170+

Meet the new generation Brokk 170+, the ultimate demolition robot tailor-made for the construction industry

Brokk SmartPower+ Meet the Brokk 200+

The newest generation Brokk 200+ defies its size by accommodating heavier attachments to outperform any competition

Brokk SmartPower+ Meet the Brokk 300+

The new generation Brokk 300+ offers unparalleled strength, impressive reach, and unwavering reliability

Brokk SmartPower+ Meet the Brokk 500+

When it comes to power, more is undeniably more, and the Brokk 500+ is the true embodiment of unmatched demolition power

Endurance Explained

Endurance Explained

Brokk's SmartPower+ robots redefine demolition technology with unmatched endurance. Read more here.
Joy of Operating Explained 

Joy of Operating Explained 

Brokk SmartPower+ sets a new standard with its lightweight, ergonomically designed control box. Read more here.
Intelligence Explained 

Intelligence Explained 

The newest generation of Brokk SmartPower+ robots distinguishes itself through its advanced intelligence. Read more here.
Brokk Revolutionizes Demolition Technology with SmartPower+ Generation

Brokk Revolutionizes Demolition Technology with SmartPower+ Generation

Brokk, the global leader in remote-controlled demolition robots, announces the launch of Brokk SmartPower+, a groundbreaking new generation of robots unveiled at World of Concrete 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Brokk 170+

Brokk 170+

This lightweight game-changer packs a punch
Brokk 300+

Brokk 300+

The Brokk 300+ represents a noteworthy leap forward in both power and intelligence

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