Brokk Connect Control and care for you and your Brokk

Brokk Connect is your entryway to more profitable business and increased Uptime!

Brokk Pedestal Boom Plug-and-play for efficient breaking

We are thrilled to announce the Brokk Pedestal Boom, a safe, remote-controlled solution for the mining industry.

Meet Brokk 900 The world's
most powerful
demolition robot

We’ve got BIG news! Packed with demolition power, equipped with the heaviest Brokk hydraulic breaker and built to withstand demanding jobs, meet Brokk 900.


Today, over 8000 Brokk machines are used in successful projects worldwide. These demolition robots can do wonders with your business as well. See how Brokk can help you thrive:

The Brokk catalog is here!

Are you curious about the reach of a Brokk 200, what SmartPower™ is or how Brokk got its name? Read all about it in our catalog!

Safe descaling – with zero people inside

Brokk Descaler is the solution to avoid hazardous descaling in cement and alumina plants


Our all-new atomized water mist tackles the most harmful silica dust particles for a safer and cleaner worksite.

Brokk 110

Brokk 110

Stronger, smarter, tougher and more versatile. In an industry-leading compact size.
After sales

After sales

Service and spare parts you can count on. Whenever and wherever you need them.


Brokk takes mining to a new level.

Latest News

Over 40 years in the making
For any challenges that may occur, the recently delivered robots are equipped with a new solution for remote controlled manoeuvring up to 3,000m away, with three different control systems and specially developed software for efficient gamma detection. It’s hard to think of an environment where remote control operation is more critical than in a nuclear… More

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World Tunnel Congress, Copenhagen
Meet us in Booth E-38! More

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Which Brokk is best for your work? Here you can select different demolition robot models…

The Brokk Catalog: Our kind of playground

In our latest catalog you can find the complete range of Brokk robots and attachments,…

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