Brokk 300 Pedestal Boom

Like any Brokk robot, the Brokk Pedestal Boom offers great flexibility in underground and confined space applications


The Brokk 300 Pedestal Boom is adapted to suit primary breaking at mobile crushers, jaw crushers and grizzlies, the great flexibility makes it optimal for underground and confined space applications. The option of easy attachment changes and remote maneuvering with video and audio feedback makes it the ultimate plug-and-play solution for rock breaking at crushers and grizzlies.

  • Small footprint
  • 360 degrees slewing
  • Perfect for spaces with low headroom
  • Plug-and-play solution

Hydraulic breaker in illustrations.
Load and stability diagram available on request.
BHB 455

Slewing speed
16 sec/360°
Hydraulic system capacity
95 l; 25 US gal
Pump type
Variable load-sensing
System pressure
17 MPa; 2466 psi
Increased pressure to attachment
23 MPa; 3336 psi
Pump flow 50 Hz
100 l/min; 26 US gal/min
Pump flow 60 Hz
120 l/min; 32 US gal/min
37 kW
Recommended fuse size*
63 A
Machine weight**
2615 kg; 5765 lbs
Recommended attachment weight
500 kg; 1102 lbs

*Valid for 400 V/50 Hz and 440 V/60 Hz
**Excluding options and attachment

Networked Remote Operation

Networked Remote Operation

Our Networked Remote Operation solution is optimized for stationary working robots and is perfectly suited for the Brokk Pedestal Boom.

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