The Brokk concept has proven itself over and over again. With a price to profit ratio second to none and an even greater range of demolition robots and attachments, this is clearer than ever.

Brokk SmartPower+ Generation

Brokk’s new range of SMARTPOWER+ robots provides unmatched endurance by increasing operational uptime with consistent power delivery over time, resulting in unmatched performance.

Brokk Demolition Robots

Introducing our cutting-edge range of remote-controlled demolition robots, engineered to be the ultimate solution for a wide array of tasks across various industries. With unparalleled versatility, Brokk robots excel in tackling diverse challenges, making them the preferred choice for any job.

Brokk Pedestal Boom

Say hello to the Brokk Pedestal Boom range, offering exceptional flexibility for underground and confined space applications. Unrivaled in versatility, Brokk provides a solution that easily adapts to challenges in any confined environment.

Brokk Descaler

Introducing the Brokk Descaler, a game-changing solution for safe and efficient descaling operations. With a telescopic boom for extended reach and remote-controlled precision, it removes overhead refractory quickly and safely. Available in single and twin versions, the Brokk Descaler redefines descaling practices in the cement industry.

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