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Brokk demolition robot – The fastest and safest cement industry solution

Demolishing coating and brick linings is a perfect job for the Brokk demolition robot. There’s simply no faster or safer method. The compact design of this robotic concrete breaker makes access easy, while the remote control makes the work safe and quick. Efficiency is enhanced by the fact that the operator can choose the best position to perform and monitor the work, and not not have to worry about vibrations, fumes or the risk of collapsing material or hot coating.

With excellent stability in all directions and easily adjustable breaker frequency, the Brokk ensures precise operation without shell or lining damage. The three-part arm system provides flexibility and reach and allows for less repositioning of the machine compared to conventional excavators.

Since the Brokk demolition robot is heat resistant with well-protected cylinders and components, you can start the job earlier without risking breakdown due to heat. This reduces plant downtime and increases the plant profit.



Brokk Descaler

With a telescopic boom for outstanding reach and remote controlled maneuvering, the Brokk Descaler revolutionizes the working method for tearing out overhead refractory in preheater towers. A solution that makes the work safe and efficient, something that was previously impossible. Safe descaling – with zero people inside.

The conventional method often involves manual pre-inspection before sending workers in on scaffoldings with handheld breakers making it both riskful and time consuming.

The Brokk Descaler evolved from the Brokk robot, allowing for tearing out refractory, coating and build-up without any workers entering the preheater tower. By doing so a number of risks have either been completely eliminated or significantly reduced.


  • Safe descaling with zero people inside​
  • Access from different positions with optimal view for operator​
  • Minimize workers being exposed to dust​

Increased productivity:​

  • Reduce shut down time – improve production capacity
  • Install at any level in less than 3 hours​
  • Move quickly between platforms in lift

Read more about the Brokk Decaler here.


Reasons to choose Brokk in the cement industry


Reduces plant shut down time and thus increases profit.


Compact, stable and flexible, it’s ideal for remove coating and refractory


The remote control enables maximum safety, a good working position and optimal view of the work


Built for reliability in really tough environments
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