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We value your questions, and take pride in providing as quick and clear answers as possible. Here is a collection of the most frequent questions and answers about Brokk demolition robots. Of course, you can add you own and we will provide a response as soon as possible.

FAQ How do I change the track width on my Brokk 170?

FAQ What type of hydraulic fluid should I use for my Brokk robot?

See the decal placed on the hydraulic tank on your Brokk robot. Download the document Hydraulic fluid and lubricants

FAQ What does the trouble code on the remote control’s display mean?

Download the document Error Codes

FAQ How long does it take to change the track width on my Brokk 170?

With correct tools and lifting aids, it will take approximately one hour.

FAQ Why is the overload relay tripping?

Check the voltage drop and the pressure levels in the hydraulic system. Use your Brokk manual for guidance.

FAQ Why does the fuse at the electrical socket blow?

Check that the power supplied has the correct voltage and fuse. Check that the power supply cable and/or extension cable is of the correct length and diameter. Use your Brokk manual for guidance.

FAQ Why is the remote control beeping when starting?

A function on the control box is active when the control box is started. Check that the levers are in neutral position and that the push buttons on top of the control levers are also in neutral position.

FAQ How often should I tighten/secure the shafts on the arm system and outriggers?

Once a week.

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