BROKK 170+

Meet the new generation Brokk 170+, the ultimate demolition robot tailor-made for the construction industry


Despite its unassuming size, this lightweight game-changer packs a punch, boasting a robust breaker and a remarkably powerful — yet nearly silent— concrete crusher. Its compact design allows the Brokk 170+ to effortlessly navigate through standard doorways, while its innovative Brokk SmartPower+ electrical system delivers unparalleled power and proven reliability.

  • Increase in uptime and more power over time
  • Smart sensors and a sophisticated Brokk operator support system
  • Ergonomically designed control box weighing less than 3kg and tilted joysticks
  • Equipped with a 24 kW Brokk SmartPower+ electrical system
  • Operates on a 32 A fuse for efficiency
  • Lightweight and powerful


Brokk SmartPower+

Brokk SmartPower+

Visual status communication system

Visual status communication system

Ergonomic control box

Ergonomic control box

Brokk QuickSwitch

Brokk QuickSwitch

Big size grease container

Big size grease container

Daily maintenance - hoods on

Daily maintenance - hoods on

Hydraulic breaker in illustrations.
Load and stability diagram available on request.
BHB 205


Slewing speed
10 sec/360°
Transport speed, max.
2.1 km/h; 1.3 mph
Climbing inclination, max.

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic system capacity
85 l; 22.5 US gal
Pump type
Variable load-sensing
System pressure
18 MPa; 2611 psi
Increased pressure to attachment
23 MPa; 3336 psi
Pump flow 50Hz
69 l/min; 18 US gal/min
Pump flow 60Hz
83 l/min; 21 US gal/min

Power system

Power technology
Electric motor type
24 kW
Recommended fuse size*
63 A
Starting device
Soft start/Direct start

Control system

Control unit
Signal code
Professional radio/Cable
Range, radio
Up to 300 m


Machine weight**
1600 kg; 3527 lbs
Recommended attachment weight
270 kg; 595 lbs

Noise level

Sound power level LWA***
87 dB(A)

Width min.
780 mm; 30.7 in
Height min.
1254 mm; 49.4 in
Vertical reach (incl. breaker)
4800 mm; 189 in
Horizontal reach (incl. breaker)
4400 mm; 173 in

*Valid for 400V/50Hz and och 440V/60Hz
**Excluding options and attachment
***Measured according to directive 2000/14/EC, excl. attachment

Extra Cylinder Protection

Extra Cylinder Protection

Provides impact protection for C2 and C3 and works as a heat shield when working in red hot environments.

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Rubber caterpillar tracks

Rubber caterpillar tracks

An allround solution with great grip.

Steel caterpillar tracks

Steel caterpillar tracks

Suitable when operating in hot or sharp material.

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Dozer blade

Dozer blade

Allows for dozing of material.

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Heat resistant hoses

Heat resistant hoses

Suitable for red hot applications.

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Forced draft cooling for breaker

Forced draft cooling for breaker

Suitable for red hot applications and flushes air through the breaker.

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Forced draft cooling of machine

Forced draft cooling of machine

Suitable for high ambient temperatures. Flushes cool air into electrical cabinet and cooler.

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Steel pads

Steel pads

Suitable when machine is placed on very hot ground.

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Air flushing for breaker

Air flushing for breaker

Air flushing prevents dust from entering the breaker, especially useful for upwards breaking and a must for underwater use.



Sprays water when breaker is activated and binds dust efficiently.

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Extra hydraulic function

Extra hydraulic function

Required for certain tools only.

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Lifting eyes

Lifting eyes

Dedicated lifting eyes for easy connection. (Regular lifting points standard on all machines.)

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Brokk’s hydraulic breakers are the most versatile and effective attachments for your Brokk robot

Concrete crushers

A concrete crushers allows you to do silent demolition with less noise, dust and vibration

Metal shears

Our wide range of metal shears allows you to cut steel of many different sizes


Turn your Brokk robot into a flexible excavator, optimal for confined spaces.

Clamshell buckets

Brokk’s wide range of clamshell buckets transforms your Brokk robot into the perfect machine for sorting material and debris.

Multi Purpose Grapples

Make your work even more efficient with a multi purpose grapple from Brokk, the ideal attachment for loading, sorting, and separating debris.

Sorting & demolition grapples

Sorting and demolition grapples are tailor-made and ideal for soft demolition and stripping structures inside of buildings.


Brokk planers remove concrete, paint, asbestos, or other layers in a controlled manner up to a certain depth


Drill holes in rock, concrete, or compact soil in open or limited spaces

Drum cutters

Brokk drum cutters are designed for trenching, demolition, and concrete surfaces

Cut off saw

Replace hand-held equipment with a Brokk cut off saw.

Side angling device

Give your Brokk hydraulic breaker that extra angle for extremely confined spaces.

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