Brokk is leading the way in safe, effective and profitable demolition. Here you find recent press releases and news items about our new products and achievements.

28 February 2024 News articles: Robot spotlight: the Brokk 110

The Brokk 110 stands as an unrivalled powerhouse, effortlessly mastering diverse challenges. With its compact size and unmatched power, the Brokk 110 dominates within its range, adeptly conquering tough obstacles, including climbing stairs with ease.

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02 January 2024 News articles: Robot Spotlight: the Brokk 70

Tired of the old, cumbersome ways of demolition? Meet the Brokk 70, a compact powerhouse designed to revolutionize the art of tearing down walls (literally!). Buckle up as we take you on a journey through the features that make the Brokk 70 the pint-sized superhero of confined space demolition.

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