Power and brains – just unstoppable!

Brokk launches Brokk SmartPower+, its latest industry-leading generation of robots. Discover a groundbreaking shift in demolition robots with Brokk SmartPower+, available at first in five robots: the Brokk 70+, 170+, 200+, 300+, and 500+.

Brokk SmartPower+ redefines endurance, operator productivity, and intelligence for unparalleled performance on jobsites around the world.

Brokk SmartPower+ robots are your go-to solution for a wide range of applications and work conditions. Brokk’s latest cutting-edge innovation revolutionizes the possibilities of remote-controlled demolition technology.


Endurance. Impressive performance over time, increased uptime, and unparalleled reliability with every demolition task.


Operator productivity.

Improved operator experience with added comfort, enhanced precision, and faster response times for both seasoned professionals and new operators alike.


Intelligence. With the smartest demolition robots on the market comes intelligent machine interaction, more information, and more possibilities. The Brokk SmartPower+ generation features a revolutionary interface, augmented sensors, data processing power, and over-the-air upgrades.



Endurance of Unmatched Power 

Brokk SmartPower+ robots redefine demolition technology with optimized power over time, industry-leading uptime, and unparalleled reliability. The results are unmatched power and outstanding performance, eliminating any disruptions during operations.

Engineered with rugged components, shock resistance, IP65 equivalent dust and water protection, and industry-leading Brokk unique radio technology, this new generation enhances power and performance. Brokk SmartPower+ eliminates weak points, streamlines service, and boosts operator efficiency, thanks to Brokk unique components and design.





Operator productivity

Brokk SmartPower+ robots offer groundbreaking operator productivity through enhanced precision, improved response times, and reliability.

Brokk SmartPower+ sets a new benchmark for operator efficiency with the innovative Brokk QuickSwitch, intuitive settings, and its lightweight, ergonomically designed control box. Every detail is designed for maximum performance and world-leading ergonomics, knowing that ergonomically designed equipment has a significant effect on productivity.





Intelligence at its Core

The newest generation of Brokk SmartPower+ robots distinguishes itself through its advanced operator support system, a revolutionary interface, advanced sensors and data processing, and over-the-air upgrades for a groundbreaking range of demolition robots.

The innovative user-friendly interface and customizable features contribute to an intuitive and efficient operator experience, solidifying Brokk’s position at the forefront of the industry.




A Groundbreaking Shift

Brokk SmartPower+ is more than just a software upgrade; it represents a groundbreaking shift in demolition technology. From endurance, operator productivity and intelligence, Brokk SmartPower+ robots stand as a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and providing operators with a tool that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. Welcome to the future of remote-controlled demolition!


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