Intelligence Explained 

The newest generation of Brokk SmartPower+ robots distinguishes itself through its advanced intelligence, employing visual status communication features, a two-way interaction system, and enhanced connectivity for real-time communication and pre-emptive maintenance. Additionally, the user-friendly interface and customizable features, including attachment presets and future upgrade options, contribute to an intuitive and efficient operator experience, positioning Brokk’s newest robots at the forefront of the industry. 


  • Real-time Status Updates
    Brokk SmartPower+ provides instant status updates, enabling operators to monitor and manage the robot’s performance in real-time for proactive maintenance and enhanced safety.  
  • Attachment Presets
    The inclusion of attachment presets streamlines operations, offering operators quick and seamless selections, boasting efficiency, and reducing setup times. The attachment presets are customizable to suit the needs of the operator and the task at hand.  
  • Added Sensors
    The increased number of sensors in Brokk’s newest generation enhances data collection and feedback, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the robot’s environment. This heightened sensor capability improves endurance and overall performance by providing operators with more nuanced feedback and responsiveness.  
  • Cloud-Based Integration
    Brokk SmartPower+ leverages cloud-based integration for seamless upgrades, ensuring the robots remain at the forefront of technology. This feature enhances flexibility, scalability, and accessibility for future advancements.  
  • Incremental Light Indicators
    The introduction of incremental light indicators on Brokk SmartPower+ robots facilitates seamless communication, allowing operators to focus on the machine while receiving clear visual cues, enhancing situational awareness and reducing the need for constant monitoring.  
  • Two-Way Communication
    Brokk SmartPower+ enables two-way communication between the robot and the operator in real-time, allowing for efficient and proactive maintenance. This feature contributes to improved operational care, safety, and overall responsiveness during critical demolishing tasks.  

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