Endurance Explained 

Brokk’s SmartPower+ robots redefine demolition technology with unmatched power, ensuring increased uptime, industry-leading performance, and unparalleled reliability. Engineered with rugged components, shock resistance, and IP65 equivalent protection, this generation minimizes weak points, streamlines service, and boosts operator efficiency by an impressive 87% reduction in cables and connectors. 

  • Brokk Standards
    Exemplifying excellence, Brokk sets its own rigorous standards that redefine precision, quality, and innovation with its remote-controlled robotic solutions.  
  • Rugged Components
    Engineered for resilience, Brokk SmartPower+ robots boast rugged components that ensure durability and performance in challenging work conditions.  
  • Fewer Cables and Connectors
    With an impressive 87% reduction in cables and connectors, Brokk SmartPower+ simplifies service and troubleshooting, minimizing weak points and enhancing overall efficiency and reliability. 

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