This is made possible through a unique combination of secure remote diagnostics, preventative maintenance and continuous feedback. With planned down-time, we also ensure that servicing and maintenance takes place when it is suitable for you and your work. Every service is carried out by experienced and authorised Brokk experts. When you sign this proactive service agreement, you can be safe in the knowledge that your Brokk machine is always in good hands. Wherever in the world you operate. Proactive reassurance for your Brokk machine. Instead of unwelcome surprises.


This is included in our service agreement

Secure remote diagnostics and monitoring

A small “black box” is attached to your machine, enabling remote reading of operating times, error codes, temperature, operational status. This data is protected by encryption, as well as a password, to ensure the most secure transfer possible, only you and your service personnel will have access to this information. All equipment and all usage of GSM and GPS data is included in the agreement. The system makes it possible to see where your machine is localised.

Preventative maintenance

Through planned down-time and preventative maintenance, we will ensure that your machine is always in top condition. Within your tailored service agreement, we will agree when and how often this preventative service is required, based on your activities and number of operating-hours. All spare parts and consumables for the agreed maintenance are included in the agreement.

Complete machine status

At each service, a complete inspection will be carried out of the machine (and related tools). We analyse operational data and wear and tear to mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components. An action plan is then implemented, whereby we jointly go through the current status of the machine and recommend which parts need to be changed to ensure performance and minimise down-time.

Clear feedback to the operator

As an important part of the continued operation, we also inform the operator of any adjustments that are needed for daily maintenance, and what needs to be done to minimise wear and tear and thereby increase the longevity of the machine.

New: Also applicable to second-hand machines!

For further information about the Brokk service agreement, and which second-hand machines can be taken into account in terms of this proactive service agreement, contact Brokk service & support department. For current contact detail in your market, contact us.

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