Brokk Descaler

Once you’ve seen the benefits of using the Brokk Descaler there is no going back to the riskful methods previously used.


The Brokk Descaler is a new product to the Brokk range, initially developed to avoid
hazardous descaling in the preheater tower in the cement industry but turned out to be
ideal for any vertical vessel in the processing industry. The product evolved from the
Brokk robot into a new solution with a telescopic boom for outstanding reach and
remote-controlled maneuvering. Hundreds of tons of overhead refractory can be removed
with zero physical contact and at a much faster pace than doing the same task manually.
The Brokk Descaler comes in a single and a twin version that allows for descaling in
vessels up to 9.5 m in diameter.

  • Eliminate the risk of falling debris for workers
  • Improve production capacity by reducing shutdown time
  • Minimize exposure to dust for workers
  • Installation in less than 3 hours


Slewing speed
18 sec/360°
Transport speed, max.
2.7 km/h; 1.7 mph
Climbing inclination, max.

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic system capacity
27 l; 7.1 US gal
Pump type
Variable load-sensing
System pressure
17 MPa; 2466 psi
Pump flow max. 50Hz and 60Hz
27 l/min; 7 US gal/min

Power system

Power technology
Electric motor type
9.8 kW
Recommended fuse size*
16 A
Starting device
Direct start

Control system

Control type
SmartRemote™, portable
Signal code
Professional radio/Cable
Range, radio
Up to 300 m


Machine weight Single**
743 kg; 1630 lbs
Machine weight Twin**
900 kg; 1984 lbs
Power pack
390 kg; 859 lbs
Recommended attachment weight
80 kg; 175 lbs

Noise level

Sound power level LWA***
90 dB(A)

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