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FAQ Are Brokk machines available with only electric motor alternative?

No, some Brokk models are also available with diesel motor option which allows for a completely wireless operation.

FAQ Is it possible to demolish only one lining of refractory and keep the safety lining?

Yes, thanks to the three-part arm system and the adjustable blow frequency the Brokk machines can demolish refractory in a very controlled way.

FAQ Can one machine be used for several applications?

Yes, the Brokk machines are very flexible as they can be easily transported within the plant. A Brokk machine will always be busy with something unlike dedicated systems.

FAQ Can the Brokk machines work in hot environments?

Yes, the Brokk machines can be equipped with several options to work in high ambient temperature and even red hot areas for the arm system. Please check out the options page for more information

FAQ Which Brokk model is recommended for my kiln size?

Please check with your Brokk representative for more information on how to select your suitable Brokk model.

FAQ Can Brokk machines break rock?

Yes, Brokk machines are available with many tools to break rock. Scabblers for soft rock, drilling and splitting for very hard rock. Please look at the attachment pages.

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