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Remote-controlled precision and tough durability make these machines the ideal tool for high quality demolition work, with the operator at a safe distance from exposed areas and able to choose a working position that’s comfortable and allows for the best possible view of the job. At the same time, the precise movements of the machine makes it perfect for e.g demolishing the work lining without damaging the safety lining. Whether you need more power or precision for cleaning a ladle, EAF, torpedo car, BF runner, converter mouth, tundish, blast furnace – Brokk gets the job done.

The Brokk machine combines compact design with power to provide easy access and fast, efficient performance. The heat resistance options enable you to start the job earlier while minimizing risks for any breakdown. The small size makes it possible to enter areas where no other machine could enter and replace work that otherwise is done manually.

The strong, three-arm system handles a wide range of powerful tools and allows for exceptional reach, stability and power in all directions. And all this flexibility comes with the Brokk machines proven performance record, ensuring that you can break and remove material without fear of damaging the machine.

Brokk 100 easily enters torpedo car


Reasons to choose Brokk in the metal industry


Reduces plant shut down time. Heat resistant design enables work in high temperatures


Efficient and safe way to remove slag and refractory with impressive precision


Remote controlled for safety and optimal view of the work.


Compact and powerful, it gets the job done in areas no other machine can enter


Multiple applications means one machine has many uses in one plant
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Metal processing: Related info

Brokk 100 Torpedo Debricking, Tata UK

Brokk 100 working inside a torpedo car.

Brokk 800 SB452 ladle mouth Steel germany

Brokk 800 cleaning ladle mouth

Metal processing: Popular products

Brokk 200
Now, the muscle, reach and size ratio masterpiece also outsmarts the competition.
Brokk 900
Made for heavy duty demolition and a robot to count on!
Brokk 200
Now, the muscle, reach and size ratio masterpiece also outsmarts the competition.
Brokk 900 Rotoboom
Whether you require the power or precision for a clean out - Brokk 900 Rotoboom will always get the job done.

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