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We value your questions, and take pride in providing as quick and clear answers as possible. Here is a collection of the most frequent questions and answers. Of course, you can add you own and we will provide a response as soon as possible.

FAQ Why do you use electric motors?

The electric motor will grant a very high power in a small package. It also allows you to work in side buildings where fumes are not allowed. Furthermore the electric motors require none or little maintenance.

FAQ Can the machine still be operated if the display on the control box is somehow damaged or because of sunglare?

Yes, the display on the control box is not necessary to operate the machine. Uptime is most important for Brokk, hence, the Brokk machines can be operated even with damage on the display or sunglare.

FAQ Can the Brokk machine be operated if the battery is flat in the remote control?

Yes, simply plug in the cable and the machine can be operated as the battery is being charged at the same time.

FAQ How long time will it take to change tools?

It is easy to change tools on a Brokk machine. One operator can change tool in a few minutes only.

FAQ What is the reach of the remote control?

Brokk is using radio link system for the transmission which allows for very long reach (up to 300 m). This is a proven technology that is commonly used in the heavy industry because of reliability and range.

FAQ Do I need training to operate?

Local regulations is different from market to market. Brokk always recommend any operators to attend a Brokk Academy training. This will make the operators more profitable, reduce spare parts consumption and increase the machine Uptime

FAQ Is daily maintenance time consuming?

No, the Brokk machines are designed so that daily maintenance can be done without lifting covers. This helps to get it done and extends the lifetime of the machines

FAQ How can the Brokk machine be lifted?

All Brokk machines have dedicated lifting points on the outriggers. Lifting eyes are available as option.

FAQ How long can the power cable be?

Normally up to 100 m is no problems but please check with your Brokk representative for more details.

FAQ What is the difference from just using a conventional mini excavator in the kiln?

As the Brokk is remote controlled, the job can be started earlier with Brokk as the operator can be outside when the coating is being demolished at the outlet. Furthermore does the three-part arm system allow for much faster repositioning of the arm and no damage to the shell. The hitting power is much greater on a Brokk machine and the coating or bricks will simply be demolished much faster. The Brokk machines are built to work in hot and dusty environment and will not stop when you need it the most.

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