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FAQ Why not just use concrete cutting equipment to remove concrete inside the buildings?

Brokk machines are a complement to cutting and coring which can be costly and time consuming because of the consumables and set up time. Often these jobs can be replaced by Brokk machines and the there will be no heavy slabs to discharge from the jobsite and no water required inside the building.

FAQ What is the floor load for the Brokk machines?

Please check with your Brokk representative for details.

FAQ Is it possible to climb stairs with Brokk machines?

Yes, all Brokk machines can climb stairs.

FAQ Can Brokk machines break rock?

Yes, Brokk machines are available with many tools to break rock. Scabblers for soft rock, drilling and splitting for very hard rock. Please look at the attachment pages.

FAQ What size of generator is required?

We would recommend you to check with the supplier of generators but normally a ballpark indication would be 2,5 to 3 times the power (kW) of the Brokk machine.

FAQ Does all Brokk machines require 63 A fuse?

No, the smallest Brokk 60 and Brokk 110 can be operated on only 16 A (with reduced power for Brokk 110) and even the powerful Brokk 170 can be operated on only 32 A

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