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Robot spotlight: the Brokk 170+

Robot spotlight: the Brokk 170+

29 Mai 2024 Newseinträge

One of five newly released Brokk SmartPower+ robots, the Brokk 170+ is the ultimate solution to elevate your demolition performance. Expertly engineered to combine all the elements that made the Brokk 170 an industry favorite, the Brokk 170+ is a game-changer within the construction industry and beyond. 



Unrivaled Flexibility in a Compact Size 

Despite its unassuming size, the Brokk 170+ stands as a formidable force, embodying both flexibility and power. Compatible with several attachments, namely the robust breaker and an impressively powerful yet nearly silent concrete crusher, this robot redefines expectations with its sheer strength.   

Navigating through standard doorways becomes a breeze, thanks to its compact design, allowing the Brokk 170+ to access spaces that were once deemed challenging or inaccessible for larger equipment. This newly released model provides unmatched flexibility, meaning more successful demolition projects can be achieved due to the versatile nature of the Brokk 170+ 


A New Benchmark thanks to a New Generation 

As if that wasn’t reason enough, the Brokk 170+ comes equipped with an integrated electro-hydraulic system ensuring unparalleled power, contributing to proven reliability and optimized power over time. Witness unprecedented reliability with the new BROKK SMARTPOWER+ GENERATION 

With innovative enhancements that elevate its performance to unprecedented heights, the Brokk 170+ is lightweight while boasting remarkable endurance and incomparable power, setting an industry benchmark like never before. With increased operational uptime and consistent power delivery over time, Brokk’s newest generation also includes a notable 87% reduction in cables and connectors. These enhancements help streamline the machine’s service and troubleshooting, ensuring added efficiency and unrivaled performance across a wider range of applications and work conditions. 

Not to mention the patented BROKK QUICKSWITCH allowing operators to easily switch between working and repositioning the robot by just pressing a lever on the joystick. This innovative feature facilitates efficient, uninterrupted operations, increasing safety and productivity for the operators.  



More Intelligence, More Possibilities 

Distinguishing itself through innovative advancements, the Brokk 170+ also features a sophisticated Brokk operator support system and enhanced connectivity. By further enhancing the operator-machine interaction, the Brokk 170+ robot ensures seamless communication, allowing the operator to focus their attention on the machine instead of having to constantly monitor the control box.   

One way to ensure this is through the introduction of incremental light indicators, customizable features, and attachment presets for quick and seamless selections. These latest advancements and added smart sensors allow for pre-emptive and preventative maintenance, and as such, improved operational care, safety, and overall efficiency. 



Brokk Innovation and Excellence 

In summary, the Brokk 170+ is not just a robot; it’s a testament to innovation and excellence in the construction industry. With its sleek design, enhanced smart features, and proven reliability, it establishes itself as a leading choice for those seeking unparalleled performance in demolition and construction projects. Brace yourselves for the next level of robotic excellence with the Brokk 170+ 


  • Increase in uptime and more power over time 
  • Smart sensors and a sophisticated Brokk operator support system 
  • New, patented Brokk QuickSwitch facilitating efficient, uninterrupted operations 
  • Ergonomically designed control box weighing less than 3kg and tilted joysticks 
  • Equipped with a 24 kW Brokk SmartPower+ electrical system 
  • Operates on a 32 A fuse for efficiency 
  • Lightweight and powerful 



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