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FAQ Can Brokk machines be used in narrow mines?

Yes, in fact the Brokk machines are able to work in areas where conventional machines cannot fit and replace many jobs that today has to be done manually.

FAQ Can Brokk machines do drilling?

Yes, Brokk machines can be attached with drill rigs and replace other machines or any handheld drilling that is being carried out in the mines

FAQ Are Brokk machines designed for underground use?

Yes, several Brokk machines are used in underground mines across the world. They are built to last in the most extreme environments with dust, heat and water.

FAQ What is the difference from just using a conventional mini excavator in the kiln?

As the Brokk is remote controlled, the job can be started earlier with Brokk as the operator can be outside when the coating is being demolished at the outlet. Furthermore does the three-part arm system allow for much faster repositioning of the arm and no damage to the shell. The hitting power is much greater on a Brokk machine and the coating or bricks will simply be demolished much faster. The Brokk machines are built to work in hot and dusty environment and will not stop when you need it the most.

FAQ How long time will it take to debrick a rotary kiln?

A good operator is able to debrick a kiln with up to 10 m/hour.

FAQ Can the Brokk machines be used for more applications in a cement plant than just the rotary kilns?

Yes, the Brokk machines can be used in the coolers, crushers and even in the cyclones to break coating and refractory

FAQ How can the Brokk machine be brought into the kiln?

The Brokk machines are very compact when folded together this makes it possible to enter even the most narrow openings in the hood and pass any duct. Thanks to the low weight on the Brokk machines, they can enter the kiln over a bridge from the burner platform to the kiln outlet

FAQ Will the shell be damaged by the Brokk machines?

No, thanks to the three-part arm system the Brokk machines are able to follow the shell unlike conventional excavators. This allows for an efficient and safe way to debrick the kiln without damage to the shell.

FAQ Is it safe to use power cable in the process industry?

Yes, with an earth fault relay on the site, it is perfectly safe to use electric powered machines in the factory.

FAQ Why not use a conventional excavator for removal of slag and refractory?

The Brokk machines offers much more hitting power than conventional excavators and the boom design allows for faster debricking and longer reach. The Brokk machines are remote controlled which puts the operator in the best position to see the tool and prevent any damage to the furnace or ladle for instance.

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