Grande potenza in minimi spazi. Il robot da demolizione che elimina il lavoro manuale.

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Il nuovo BROKK 70 è la soluzione perfetta per portare la demolizione sicura ed efficiente negli spazi più ristretti. Rispetto al suo predecessore Brokk 60, il Brokk 70 racchiude oltre il 100% in più di potenza di demolizione, è dotato dell’ultima innovativa tecnologia Brokk SmartPowerTM e di un sistema idraulico perfezionato che rende il funzionamento più fluido e veloce. Tuttavia, mantiene le stesse dimensioni estremamente compatte. Con un peso inferiore a 560 kg, si adatta alle porte più strette e può essere trasportato in un normale ascensore per passeggeri. Un robot da demolizione che elimina ogni necessità di lavori di demolizione manuale.

  • 100% più potente!
  • 9,8 kW Brokk SmartPower™ motore elettrico
  • Più forte di 10 uomini con utensili manuali
  • Funzionamento con presa da soli 16 Amp.
  • Estremamente compatto – passa attraverso le porte più strette




Componenti protetti

Componenti protetti

Fari con protezione rinforzata

Fari con protezione rinforzata

Sistema di braccio in tre parti

Sistema di braccio in tre parti

Contenitore di grande dimensioni per grasso

Contenitore di grande dimensioni per grasso

Brokk - Sistema di controllo unico

Brokk - Sistema di controllo unico

Hydraulic breaker in illustrations.
Load and stability diagram available on request.
BHB 105


Slewing speed
6,5 s/245°
Transport speed, max.
2,7 km/h; 1.7 mph
Climbing inclination, max.

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic system capacity
27 l; 7.1 US gal
Pump type
Variable load-sensing
System pressure
18 MPa; 2 610 psi
Pump flow max. 50Hz and 60Hz
27 l/min; 7 US gal/min

Power system

Power technology
Electric motor type
9,8 kW
Recommended fuse size*
16 A
Starting device
Direct start

Control system

Control type
SmartRemote, portable
Signal code
Professional radio/Cable
Range, radio
Up to 300 m


Machine weight**
560 kg; 1 235 lb
Recommended attachment weight
105 kg; 231 lb

Noise level

Sound power level LWA***
90 dB(A)

Larghezza min.
597 mm; 23.5 in
Altezza min.
880 mm; 34.6 in
Portata verticale (incluso martello)
3200 mm; 126 in
Portata orizzontale (incluso martello)
2700 mm; 106.3 in

*Valid for 400V/50Hz and 440V/60Hz
**Excluding attachment and extra equipment
***Measured according to directive 2000/14/EC

Steel caterpillar tracks

Steel caterpillar tracks

Suitable when operating in hot or sharp material.

Scarica PDF
Extra hydraulic function

Extra hydraulic function

Required for certain tools only.

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Brokk cover

Brokk cover

Protects the Brokk machine during transport or storage.

Forced draft cooling of machine

Forced draft cooling of machine

Suitable for high ambient temperatures. Flushes cool air into electrical cabinet and cooler.

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Rubber caterpillar tracks

Rubber caterpillar tracks

An allround solution with great grip.

Steel pads

Steel pads

Suitable when machine is placed on very hot ground.

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Lifting eyes

Lifting eyes

Dedicated lifting eyes for easy connection. (Regular lifting points standard on all machines.)

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Forced draft cooling for breaker

Forced draft cooling for breaker

Suitable for red hot applications and flushes air through the breaker.

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Sprays water when breaker is activated and binds dust efficiently.

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Cylinder protection for cy 2 and cy 3

Cylinder protection for cy 2 and cy 3

Suitable for hot environments, act as heat- and impact protection.

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Brokk breakers are made for maximising your efficiency. There are breakers for each model, optimizing the power of your specifik Brokk machine. It hits harder and faster then other breakers on the market, still with less noise and vibrations.

Concrete crushers

Our crushers are just as scaringly effective as the look. Provides free rotation and has exchangeable tips. The larger crushers also has additional teeth and pulverizing pads.


With a bucket on your machine, your Brokk transforms to world’s most agile excavator, perfect for digging, loading, sorting & separation of material and debris.

Metal shears

The sane and easy way to cut pipes, bars, girders, profiles, structures etc. Different jaw sets, and replaceable cutting and breaking tips available for some models. Rotator with continuous rotation.

Drum cutters

The Brokk drum cutters is ideal for tunneling, special foundation work, demolition, trenching and soil mixing. Suited for noise and vibration sensitive areas. They come complete with mounting kit and valves for flow-control and motor protection.

Sorting & demolition grapples

These dedicated grapples are tailor-made tool for loading, sorting and separating debris (rock, concrete, wood, metal work). Rotator with continuous rotation.

Clamshell buckets

A variety of clamshell buckets transforms the Brokk to the perfect machine for loading, sorting & separation and transporting material and debris.

Multi Purpose Grapples

Brokk offers a broad range of grapples that helps you do the job more effective. The perfect tool for loading, sorting and separating debris (rock, concrete, wood, metal work). Rotator with continuous rotation.

Cut off saw

Replaces hand-held equipment to cut steel work like door and window frames, conduits for electric cables. Leaves a nice clean cut and does not distort and twist the steel. Saw discs for different materials available.


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