Industries Overview

Mobile and fixed plant solutions for Australian mining

Robust design in combination with an extensive range of attachments allow a single Brokk robot to perform various tasks such as oversize rock breaking, scaling, drilling, digging, and shaft sinking.

The compact Brokk, with its unique three-part arm system, provides precision and outstanding reach, while the hydraulic outriggers provide excellent stability in all directions.

  • Improved safety for the operator
  • Multiple application areas
  • Electric and diesel-powered
  • Extremely compact

Fixed Solutions – Pedestal Boom

The Brokk Pedestal Boom is a compact, stationary breaker boom system for the mining and aggregates industry. This machine range allows producers to apply the power and precision of Brokk’s demolition robots to primary breaking tasks that feed crushers and grizzlies.

Brokk’s Pedestal Boom is designed to operate in low headspace and hard-to-access areas as few as 1.83 metres. The unit has precision hydraulics and is easy to operate with modern controls and 360-degree slewing thanks to its unique three-part arm system and a reach up to 8.5 metres. This gives it the ability to cover a large part of the grizzly to deal with any odd-shaped and oversized rocks.

Mobile Solutions

Demolition robots provide versatility that can streamline operations and limit emissions. Operators can move from drilling to breaking to scaling efficiently with a change of attachment. Brokk machines can also handle much larger attachments allowing mines to bring powerful tools to new applications without increasing shaft size.

The versatility of Brokk’s remote-controlled demolition machines minimises risk to equipment and personnel. One Brokk armed with a suite of attachments can perform a range of required tasks allowing mines to maximise productivity, improve safety and reduce maintenance costs.

Brokk 90 with BSD80 mine


Reasons to choose Brokk in the mining industry


Powerful while extremely compact for tight underground spaces and narrow mining.


Multi attachments means many jobs with one machine


The electric powered machine gets the job done without fumes


Remote control enables the operator to work at a comfortable and safe distance


Sturdy construction with clever reinforcements, ideal for underground work
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