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The perfect fit for construction work

With tasks varying from tearing down concrete buildings to delicate bathroom renovations, the very nature of construction work demands versatility. This makes Brokk the perfect fit. While the Brokk machine easily outperforms traditional demolition methods like concrete sawing, handheld tools and even excavators, it also excels when it comes to flexibility and effective work in confined spaces. The three-part arm system provides extraordinary flexibility and reach, and can be equipped with a variety of powerful attachments. When equipped with a crusher, the quiet, electric-powered hydraulics allow you to work during business hours or in areas with noise restrictions. What’s more, there are no exhaust fumes and less dust and vibration than with traditional methods. Cutting and coring usually requires water which needs to be disposed. With the Brokk method, this is not a problem.

Due to the fact that Brokk is so light and agile, it works in places where most other machines can’t go. The Brokk will easily climb over debris or up a staircase. Or take the compact and light-weight Brokk machine floor-to floor in an ordinary elevator. Brokk – a smarter way to get your construction work done.

Brokk 160 with SB202 business district in Paris


Reasons to choose Brokk for construction industry projects


Faster and cheaper than cutting & coring. More powerful and flexible than jackhammers or excavators


The remote control demolition enables a safe and ergonomic working environment


The electric powered Brokk is perfect for noise and vibration sensitive areas


A wide range of different tools means the Brokk will always find jobs
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Construction: Related info

Brokk 60 CC260 SB52 Concrete pillar Construction, Sweden Burtrask

Brokk 60II with crusher inside building.

Brokk 280 and the Darda crusher CC520 fit well together!

Brokk 280 with crusher in Gothenburg.

Brokk 100 plays an important role in the center of Paris!

Brokk 100 with breaker in Paris.

Construction: Popular products

Brokk 70
Great Power in Minimal Spaces
Brokk 110
Stronger, smarter, tougher and more versatile. In an industry-leading compact size.
Brokk 120DII
The world’s smallest diesel-driven demolition machine. Outstanding power in tight spaces.
Brokk 170
Upgrading and smartifying the market leader. Incredible power and surprising accessibility.
Brokk 500
Adding 40 percent of smart power to size up effectiveness of your next project.
Brokk 900
Made for heavy duty demolition and a robot to count on!
Brokk 200
Now, the muscle, reach and size ratio masterpiece also outsmarts the competition.


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