Of course, the best way of experiencing a Brokk is to see it in action. Still with these videos you can get a glimpse of what this remote-controlled power pack is able to do. For more information and on-site demos, please contact us.


Top down demolition with Brokk 300 | Melbourne, Australia

City Circle Group in Melbourne, utilising a Brokk 300 and Darda concrete crusher 7 floors up to safely and quietly demolish this part of a tall inner city building.

Remastered ground floor with Brokk 70 | 101 Collins Street, Melbourne

The construction of the remastered ground floor experience at 101 Collins in Melbourne’s CBD, gives space for the Brokk 70 machine to showcase it capabilities in this timeless and iconic building. Brokk robots are ideal for indoor demolition projects, especially in architectural spaces that require safe and efficient demolition.

Cement animated kiln procedure

An animated video showing a safe and efficient kiln tear-out. Tearing out the brick lining safely and quickly in cement kilns is a job that Brokk robots are perfectly suited for given their remote-controlled, compact design and excellent reach.

Brokk 70 takes demolition to the next level

Brokk 70, the smallest demolition robot in the world proves it’s efficiency by demolishing a reinforced concrete wall in this time lapse video.

Brokk 70 – The mini super hero

Brokk 70 – The mini super hero

Brokk in metal processing

Anywhere there is refractory or slag there is work for Brokk robots. Thanks to the machine’s flexible design it can be used for any applications within one plant.

Whether you need more power or precision to clean a ladle, EAF, torpedo car BF runner, converter mouth or blast furnace – Brokk gets the job done.

Breaking face Brokk 800 LKAB

Brokk 800 with breaker and drill developing safety niches.

BROKK 60II Demolition Robot

Introducing the world smallest demoliton robot Brokk 60II.

Launch of 4 new Brokk models!

The launch of a new range Brokk 170, Brokk 200, Brokk 300 and Brokk 520 D

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