All our original spare parts have been tested on each Brokk model to make sure that you keep your demolition robot advantages even after service and maintenance. To simplify troubleshooting, we provide a detailed user-friendly manual with each Brokk machine, and our vast pool of service knowledge is just a phone call away.

We can also assemble spare parts packages that are tailor made for your new machine upon request. In addition, all of our distributors participate in continuous, comprehensive training programs, guaranteeing the same high-quality Brokk service throughout the world. Our efficient distribution centre combined with a well-equipped service network ensures effective troubleshooting and swift parts delivery—two essential factors in getting tough demolition jobs completed safely and on time.



Brokk robots are built to last. Their unique quality coupled with regular maintenance ensures that every Brokk, using Brokk Original Spare Parts™, will continue to work long after competitors’ machines have quit.

After over 40 years of experience we know what you’ll need! We therefore recommend the Brokk Uptime™ part packages to keep your demolition robot advantages for a longer period of time.

Choose between three packages:

  • Maintenance and Wear Package
  • Critical Parts Package
  • BHB Maintenance Package

For more information about the Brokk Uptime™ Wear and Spare Part packages, CLICK HERE.


If you need further information or have questions, please contact our spare part department HERE


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