For more than 40 years Brokk has been leading the innovation for demolition robots, and still continues to do so today. The origin for Brokk and the concept of remote controlled demolition machines comes from two entrepreneurs looking to solve real-life challenges they were facing at their work sites. This mindset is still at the heart of all R&D and engineering done at Brokk today.

New concepts, functions, design choices or improvements to machines should always derive from improving the work with the machines on actual work sites in real life. And these are most often very harsh and rough conditions for a demolition machine. Therefore, we scrutinize all new functions and modifications we do to our equipment, based on the criteria that it has to bring real-life improvements in productivity, safety, ergonomics, etc. And at the same time, it should also improve on the machine reliability and uptime in the field. In short, at Brokk we design and build machines for the “real life”.


Our real life approach doesn’t prevent us from developing and implement leading edge technologies on our machines. And our 40+ years of experience gives us the tools to optimize and adapt for demolition robots, for example our experience-based advanced data modelling tools unique to demolition robots. Our R&D effort has also given us an extensive line of patents for our unique innovations, whether they relate to the ergonomics, hydraulic efficiency, electronics or more.

Some of the leading edge technology development at Brokk has given the industry the Brokk SmartPowerTM concept, a unique electrical powertrain that has virtually doubled the demolition power of Brokk machines over the last 10 years, and the “low fuse” setting we have on some machines to enable them to be run on less power at work sites when this is limited. This is what we call engineering for “real life”.

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