Sherpa Eco 100


Sherpa mini loaders are designed to improve efficiencies and minimise harm to workers.

A battery-powered mini loaders that easily fits through Australian standard doors, has no local emissions, reduces the risk of injury, and saves on labour costs. It also has an extensive range of attachments which make these mini loaders even more appealing!


Sherpa ECO 100 The 76-cm wide mini compact loader is powered by a surprisingly strong 2-HP front-mounted electric motor. Pressing the accelerator quickly builds up the pressure in the system. The space that normally contains the combustion engine now stores a 360-Ampere battery pack that powers the mini skid-steer for up to 7 hours.
Sherpa ECO 100 2S Our SHERPA 100 2Speed is a true evolution of the SHERPA 100 ECO. After the SHERPA 100 ECO turned the world of construction and demolition upside down, we reviewed the existing concept and incorporated the wishes of the user into 2Speed.
As the name suggests, this machine has 2 speeds. Slowly with more power; to maneuver and work and a second gear to cover longer distances with a higher speed. Thanks to the ingenious design with 2 hydraulic pumps of which the switch can be operated while driving, it is a real pleasure to work with this machine. As with the SHERPA 100 ECO, a 6-hour labour commitment has remained the standard. The SHERPA 100 2Speed is standard equipped with 4″ non-marking full rubber tyres.
Sherpa EHD The SHERPA 100 EHD has all the features that make the SHERPA 100 ECO unique. In addition to the revolutionary electric motor, the SHERPA 100 EHD has radio control. This makes it possible to work in areas that are difficult to access and the desire to guarantee safety for
professionals is met optimally
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