Brokk vs. concrete cutting methods

Brokk robots are very suitable in the area of concrete cutting. Our customers have quickly learned that oftentimes, a small Brokk robot can complete a job much faster and cheaper than conventional drilling and cutting methods. Contractors reduce the need for extra cutting by cutting around the perimeter, and then using Brokk robot with a breaker or a crusher to finish the job.

Material demolished by a Brokk can be separated from rebar and brought out of buildings in small loads (or even manually), eliminating the need for cranes and forklifts for cleanup. Additionally, Brokk robots do not need water cooling technology like cutters do.


When using the Wall Saw method: Many time consuming cuts needs to be done and the slabs must be lifted away with crane or internal lifting device

With a Brokk robot: After the perimeter cutting is completed, demolition with the Brokk robot takes place​ and its then easy to remove debris with a skid steer​.

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