Aluminium Industry

Aluminum Kilns

As with any rotary kiln, Brokk robots are perfectly suited for aluminum kilns. Whether you are dealing with refractory or coating, a Brokk robot can clear the area safely and efficiently. Due to its small size, a Brokk robot can enter even the smallest kilns and doorways. As always, the operator’s safety is ensured because our remote-control system allows the machine to be operated from a distance, away from any hazardous conditions.





Pot cell

Pot cell furnaces are no problem for Brokk robots, whether they are online or offline. Our machines are built to withstand the magnetic field around the pot cell area. Typically, Brokk robots are used to demolish coating and refractory within the pot cell. In comparison with traditional manual labor, a Brokk robot can complete the job in a much shorter time, reducing the time during which the furnace must be shut down. With all of the time saved, the plant will experience an increase in productivity and profit.



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