Copper Industry

Copper Converters

Copper smelter converters need to be re-lined and/or repaired frequently. Fortunately, this is an easy task for a Brokk machine. Typically, the Brokk robot will start by cleaning the mouth of slag. Once the opening is cleaned and clear, the machine can enter inside the converter and tear out old slag and refractory. This is a safe and efficient method that happens to be one of the oldest applications for Brokk robots. Our robots contribute to the productivity of a plant while maintaining the safety of the workers involved.




Converter mouth cleaning

A converter mouth typically needs to be cleaned several times a day while the converter is still very hot. Brokk machines are there to carefully complete this task without damaging the shell or lining. In some cases, the operator can stand in the control room where they can safely view the work being done, while also keeping in contact with the operator of the converter in cases where it may need to be tilted.

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