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We value your questions, and take pride in providing as quick and clear answers as possible. Here is a collection of the most frequent questions and answers about the Brokk demolition robot. Of course, you can add you own and we will provide a response as soon as possible.

FAQ Can Brokk machines be used in narrow mines?

Yes, in fact the Brokk machines are able to work in areas where conventional machines cannot fit and replace many jobs that today has to be done manually.

FAQ Can Brokk machines do drilling?

Yes, Brokk machines can be attached with drill rigs and replace other machines or any handheld drilling that is being carried out in the mines

FAQ Are Brokk machines designed for underground use?

Yes, several Brokk machines are used in underground mines across the world. They are built to last in the most extreme environments with dust, heat and water.

FAQ Are Brokk machines available with only electric motor alternative?

No, some Brokk models are also available with diesel motor option which allows for a completely wireless operation.

FAQ Can Brokk machines break rock?

Yes, Brokk machines are available with many tools to break rock. Scabblers for soft rock, drilling and splitting for very hard rock. Please look at the attachment pages.

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