A Successful Outcome No Matter the Challenge

Diamond Drilling SRL’s success and growth is a testament to the versatile nature of Brokk robots and the unmatched scope of their capabilities as industry-leading machines.
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A Successful Outcome No Matter the Challenge

20 February 2024 News articles

A Successful Outcome No Matter the Challenge

Although tunnels may look different from country to country and location to location, they have one thing in common: tunnel construction comes with its challenges.  

Acknowledging the complexities involved in tunnel construction, which can include geological, engineering, and logistical challenges is a given, and though there may be many elements out of one’s control, introducing a Brokk robot into the mix means that you can predict the future outcome of the project, and know that it will be successful.  

Diamond Drilling SRL successfully widened a tunnel in Bulgaria with a tight one-month deadline. If that wasn’t a challenge in itself, this particular project was undertaken in November; known to be a cold and rainy period in Bulgaria, further complicating the tunneling project. Diamond Drilling SRL attributes the success of the project to the use of Brokk demolition robots, their unmatched versatility and unparalleled reliability. Let’s dig a little deeper into the specifics of their success story.  


The Project in Numbers 

Diamond Drilling SRL is a global company specializing in concrete cutting and grading services who was recently tasked with a tunneling project in Bulgaria. They were tasked with widening an existing tunnel using a BROKK 200 and BROKK 520D to perform the bulk of the demolition project. The tunnel, which was 100 meters long (328 feet), required a 9-meter (30 feet) by 1.8-meter (5.9 feet) expansion at its midpoint. The original tunnel diameter was 3.2 meters (10 feet), and they were tasked with increasing it to 7 meters (23 feet), meaning a total of 25 meters (82 feet) of concrete and 150 cubic meters (304 sq feet) of granite needed to be safely removed. The 9-meter (30 feet) expansion included the installation of metal arches and SHOTCRETE CONSOLIDATION between each stage, for a total of seven stages.  


The Project Objectives  

  • To effectively and efficiently widen the tunnel using Brokk demolition robots 
  • To complete the tunneling project within a one-month timeframe 
  • To ensure the structure of the tunnel remain intact during the widening process  
  • To manage the challenges caused by harsh weather conditions and groundwater infiltration 


Time was of the Essence  

Tackling tough concrete and granite with precision and efficiency was a no-brainer for the Brokk 200 and Brokk 520D, but a tight one-month timeframe required a highly organized and efficient methodology. Furthermore, Diamond Drilling SRL also needed to divert the groundwater flow away from the jobsite in order to reduce the water level and minimize disruptions during demolition. Since the widening of the tunnel was undertaken in November, the temperature requirement for the shotcrete application – a crucial component of the consolidation process – was 5°C (41°F) or above. Managing time and harsh weather conditions while ensuring the structural integrity of the tunnel meant that the demolition equipment used to undertake this project needed to offer reliability, safety, and precision, as one wrong move could have irreversible and costly damages. In short, a lot was at stake.  

‘’The safety, particularly in handling confined spaces, groundwater, and tight timeframes proved crucial,’’ said Youssef Hallak, Managing Director of Diamond Drilling SRL. ‘’The versatile, precise, and powerful capabilities of Brokk robots proved invaluable in navigating the project’s unique challenges.’’ 

Renowned for their versatility and agility, Brokk demolition robots allow operators to conduct demolition work in confined spaces and navigate challenging terrain. ’This adaptability was crucial for accessing the tunnel walls and maneuvering within the narrow confines of the widening area,’’ added Hallak.  



No Room for Error 

Greater precision and enhanced visibility for operators contribute to increased safety for both seasoned professionals and new operators alike. The three-arm movement of Brokk robots allows operators to access and demolish materials from various angles, ensuring that demolition is conducted with precision and control, ‘’ said Hallak. ’This is particularly beneficial for demolishing complex structures or reaching areas that would be difficult or impossible to access with traditional demolition methods.’’ 

Indeed, by facilitating remote operation, Brokk robots allow the operator to stand at a safe distance, increasing situational awareness and further reducing the risk of jobsite injuries. ‘’This provides a clearer and more comprehensive view of the demolition process, enabling operators to make informed decisions and precisely control the robots’ movements,’’ said Hallak.  

In an effort to modernize existing tunnel infrastructure to meet current safety and efficiency standards, operators are tasked with entering potentially hazardous demolition zones. ‘’Remote operation eliminates the need for human operators to enter such zones, significantly reducing the risk of injuries and fatalities,’’ said Hallak. ’Additionally, Brokk robots are equipped with advanced safety features, such as impact sensors and overload protection, further enhancing safety during demolition operations.’’ Performing such tunneling projects is necessary, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the infrastructure as tunnels play a vital role in facilitating transportation, commerce, and overall economic development.  


Less Waste with a Brokk 

‘’The precision of the Brokk robots resulted in significantly reduced material waste,’’ said Hallak. ’By carefully targeting specific areas and minimizing collateral damage, we were able to recover a larger portion of the demolition materials, reducing disposal costs and minimizing environmental impact.’’ The very nature of a remote-controlled Brokk robot allows for precise, deliberate demolition, meaning that every hit is intentional and methodological.  


Despite the challenges posed by the confined space and groundwater infiltration, the Brokk robots exceeded our expectations in terms of productivity. They worked consistently and efficiently, allowing us to complete the project within a tight timeframe without compromising safety or quality.


A Competitive Edge in the Market 

Diamond Drilling SRL’s recent tunneling project in Bulgaria demonstrates the many ways in which Brokk robots help companies diversify their portfolio, and in turn, help them acquire a wider range of demolition projects across multiple applications.


Brokk robots’ adaptability and versatility allow us to handle a wider range of demolition projects, including concrete demolition, processing, and tunneling. This expanded project scope has enabled us to diversify our services and attract clients with diverse demolition needs.


Diamond Drilling SRL’s success and growth is a testament to the versatile nature of Brokk robots and the unmatched scope of their capabilities as industry-leading machines. Diamond Drilling SRL’s success also speaks to the importance of using advanced demolition technology and methods in tunnel construction, ensuring the structural integrity of existing tunnels. Such projects further enhance transportation infrastructure and connectivity within the country.  

Whether it be concrete demolition, processing or tunneling, the use of Brokk demolition robots means one thing: a successful project outcome with enhanced efficiency, precision, and safety. With a proven track-record of high-quality performance for nearly FIVE DECADES, Brokk robots contribute to the success and growth of many global companies. Diamond Drilling SRL is one of many such success stories!  


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