Robot spotlight: the Brokk 900

Ever wondered what a demolition robot made for heavy duty demolition looks like? Look no further! Introducing our new series highlighting industry favorites, beginning with the world’s largest and most powerful demolition robot – the Brokk 900.  
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Robot spotlight: the Brokk 900

13 December 2023 News articles

A true industry titan, the Brokk 900 is a game-charger in heavy demolition and particularly in the tunneling industry thanks to its robust design. It’s no surprise that demanding jobs call for heavy attachments, and the Brokk 900 brings with it the option of two powerful hydraulic breakers, promising unparalleled versatility.  


Let’s dive into the specifics! 


The BHB 1300: A slightly lighter breaker that by no means compromises on efficiency in heavy concrete demolition. When tackling concrete, the higher blow frequency and more nimble size of this breaker maximizes productivity.  


The BHB 1500: A 1500 kg breaker for the toughest materials out there. Paired with the hydraulic power of the Brokk 900, this attachment delivers an impressive punch with every blow. The go-to choice for breaking particularly hard rock. 


 Since 1976, Brokk has made it its mission to produce remote-controlled demolition robots that prioritize efficiency across all industries. The Brokk 900 is no exception. As is the case with all Brokk robots, changing attachments while on a jobsite is made easy and seamless, meaning no time is wasted.   


The Brokk 900 offers unmatched hitting power, making it in the most powerful robot in the world. To build upon and improve on the success of its predecessor, the Brokk 800, the Brokk 900 is equipped with SmartPower™ for optimized and more reliable runtime for longer periods of time, making it a robot you can truly count on. In fact, the Brokk 900 has 25% more power and meets the new industry benchmark in reliability that Brokk introduced with its SmartPower™ technology. Reliability at its finest!  


Despite its substantial size, weighing in over 11 tons, the Brokk 900 is designed to be serviced by one person, eliminating the need for heavy lifting and in turn, promising safety at every opportunity. The machine’s design and engineering showcase groundbreaking innovation – increased power, meticulous precision, all without a significant increase in size and weight. The Brokk 900 is a true testament to Brokk’s commitment to innovation! 

  • Service-friendly and robust design 
  • Heavy breaker for heavy tasks 
  • Reliable SmartPower™ 
  • Diesel or electric-powered 
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