The Many Faces of Brokk Operators: Gabriela 

Get to know Brokk operators and why they prefer using Brokk demolition robots. Introducing Gabriela!
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The Many Faces of Brokk Operators: Gabriela 

1 February 2024 News articles

The Many Faces of Brokk Operators: Gabriela 

In the bustling city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gabriela Fernanda Mattia, a 45-year-old Mechanical Electrician Technician with a postgraduate degree in Safety and Industrial Environmental Control, is making waves in the demolition industry. Gabriela is well-known within the industry, and not just because of her signature bright pink helmet. For the past decade, she’s been a vital part of Grupo Mitre, spending the last four years as a Crawler Excavator Operator, three of which she has spent as an expert Brokk Operator. 


  • Name: Gabriela Fernanda Mattia
  • Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Age: 45 years old
  • Profession: Mechanical Electrician Technician
  • Years of experience: 10 years
  • Company: Grupo Mitre


How It All Started 

Gabriela’s journey with Brokk began with a hands-on approach. “I asked my boss to work solo with a Brokk 70 (the smallest of the Brokk fleet), and through a willingness to learn, asking questions, and common sense, I quickly progressed to operating a Brokk 110 as well,” recalls Gabriela. In January 2023, she earned a global certification under the guidance of Joakim Johansson, a seasoned Brokk Service Engineer. 



Speed, Versatility and Power 

Operating Brokk demolition robots is particularly enjoyable for Gabriela who credits their seamless blend of speed, versatility, and power. “It’s always a pleasure to operate a Brokk. It’s very simple,” said Gabriela. 

The unique features of Brokk robots, such as their ability to fit into confined spaces and operate remotely for added efficiency and safety, make them stand out. Gabriela notes, “the job possibilities are countless.” 

Flexibility is a game-changer for Gabriela’s efficiency on the job. “In a productive morning, you can demolish numerous meters of chopped concrete,” said Gabriela.

The 360-degree working radius is an unmatched advantage, while the power of Brokk breakers is incomparable.


Precision Meets Quality 

Precision and control offered by Brokk robots play a significant role in the quality of Gabriela’s day-to-day work. “The precision and control obtained with a Brokk are more than favorable. It allows you to perform super delicate and intricate work,” said Gabriela. 

Comparing Brokk robots to traditional equipment, she highlights the freedom they provide. “With a Brokk, you can go anywhere and with the necessary power,” said Gabriela. 



Nothing is Impossible 

For Gabriela, operating Brokk robots is not just a job; it’s a feeling of empowerment.

Personally, for me, it’s turning on the Brokk and knowing that everything can be achieved, absolutely everything. There are no limits.


To those considering a career as a Brokk Operator, Gabriela’s message is powerful. “To all the women worldwide: nothing is impossible; with effort and dedication, everything can be achieved. Opportunities exist and seizing them is crucial. As the first female Demolition Operator in Argentina, I believe we could be many more.”

And to those aspiring to operate a Brokk? Go for it. This profession is beautiful, and demolition, for me, is both wonderful and fantastic, especially with a Brokk!  


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