Introducing: Brokk atomized water mist

Safety has always been paramount for Brokk; which is why our engineers have constantly developed machines, attachments and technologies that allow operators to step away from the most dangerous and backbreaking operations. Our all-new atomized water mist is no exception, it tackles the most harmful silica dust particles for a safer and cleaner worksite.

Silica dust has been identified as a significant hazard by health and safety organizations and our atomized water mist has proven efficient when binding the most dangerous dust particles; the ones that are not visible. Our system produces atomized fog, 10-micron mist droplets, that effectively binds the airborne dust particles while also providing ground-level dust suppression.

What separates our solution from other traditional methods are three main points; it binds the dust particles you can’t see (from 0.1 up to 1 000 microns), it concentrates on the working area which prohibits dust to escape by wind and it is fully automated, meaning there is no need for an external pressure pump.

good to know:

  • Available for all Brokk models
  • Binds hazardous dust particles from 0.1 up to 1 000 microns
  • Automated system with built-in pressure pump


Read the press release about the new atomized water mist.


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