Brokk Australia – Sherpa 100 ECO distributors for Australia

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Brokk Australia – Sherpa 100 ECO distributors for Australia

1 July 2020 News articles

Sherpa 100 ECO distributors for Australia

Brokk Australia is pleased to welcome the addition of the Sherpa 100 ECO to our list of partner products. Staying true to the innovative nature embedded in their corporate DNA, Sherpa developed the first battery powered Mini Loader 12 years ago. Battery-powered Sherpas are quiet and produce no exhaust emissions which makes them perfect for deployment in enclosed spaces. Often customers with Sherpas are working in a school or hospital where noise is a factor, or they need to be noise compliant in an occupied office building. Battery-powered Sherpas are only 760mm wide meaning you can fit through a standard doorway and weigh ~ 800kg. 


In terms of material handling, the Sherpa 100 ECO can easily move materials such as concrete and dirt fast and continuously; working nonstop up to 6 or 7 hours a day. There are also a wide variety of attachments including:

  • Standard bucket
  • 4 in 1 bucket
  • Carpet remover
  • Bucket with grabs
  • Vacuworx vacuum lifting systems
  • Brooms
  • Pin bucket 


If you would like more information or a demo of the battery-powered mini loader, contact us here.

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