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Safe, effective demolition power

The Brokk machine excels in versatility. The same machine can perform a variety of tasks, such as scaling, breaking, digging, drilling, secondary breaking, bottom shaft cleaning etc. And the three-arm system enables all this with unparalleled reach and stability.

Thanks to remote, radio-controlled handling, the operator can overlook the job from a safe, comfortable position with no risk of injury from falling debris. The electric motor provides strong, quiet power with no exhaust fumes or other hazardous pollutants or vibration. Load-balanced outriggers provide excellent machine stability in all working directions while the sturdy track system and well protected cylinders make the Brokk extremely durable and easy to maintain.

Above ground, the Brokk machine proves its value in the processing of material, when used in the maintenance of kilns, crushers etc. Typical applications include refractory removal and oversize breaking. So above ground or below ground, Brokk is the preferred choice for many mines.

Brokk 90 Demolition Robot with BSD80 drill in a mine


Reasons to choose Brokk in the mining industry


Powerful while extremely compact for tight underground spaces and narrow mining.


Multi attachments means many jobs with one machine


The electric powered machine gets the job done without fumes


Remote control enables the operator to work at a comfortable and safe distance


Sturdy construction with clever reinforcements, ideal for underground work
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Mining: Related info

B400 SB552 Mining Developingtunnels Kloofgold

Brokk 400 developing tunnel in underground goldmine

B400D SB452 Mining Scaling China

Brokk 400 D scaling in China

Brokk 800 MB1200 Mining OverSize rock breaking

Brokk 800 with breaker is breaking overisize rock

Mining: Popular products

Brokk 200 Pedestal Boom
A Brokk demolition robot mounted on a pedestal boom for primary breaking at jaw crushers and mobile crushers.
Brokk 300 Pedestal Boom
The Brokk 300 Pedestal Boom is adapted to suit primary breaking at mobile crushers, jaw crushers and grizzlies.
Brokk 500 Pedestal Boom
The Brokk 500 Pedestal Boom has the machine body of a Brokk robot mounted on a pedestal rather than tracks.
Brokk 900 Pedestal Boom
The Brokk Pedestal Boom offers great flexibility in underground and confined space applications.
Brokk 900
Made for heavy duty demolition and a robot to count on!
Brokk 200
A muscle, reach and size ratio masterpiece. And now, this demolition robot also outsmarts the competition.


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