Of course, the best way of experiencing a Brokk is to see it in action. Still with these videos you can get a glimpse of what this remote-controlled power pack is able to do. For more information and on-site demos, please contact us.


Take the danger out of demolition

“We’ve lost Brokks – we had one fall through a bridge. We rolled it over, and it went right back to work – didn’t even break.” Along with durability and increased safety, learn what other benefits Will Hillen III of Hillen Corporation says make Brokk robots a tremendous asset.

Build Your Business with Brokk

Alex Bader, owner of Bader Demolition, has been in business almost 20 years. Find out how quickly the concrete demolition portion of his business has grown since he started using Brokk demolition robots.

Benefits Brokk Brings to Concrete Cutting

Safer operation, reduced manpower, increased efficiency, and more. Hear what Tim Rudder of IDS Concrete Cutting has to say about the benefits his company has found using Brokk demolition robots.

Work More Efficiently

Using Brokk demolition robots has helped AMG Demolition and Environmental Service work cheaper, faster and more efficiently. “You can get things done so much faster,” says Mike Gafa, Jr., an owner and senior estimator. “I’m actually still trying to wrap my head around how fast these machines are when breaking concrete on a deck or from above.”

Build Your Business

Duke Long, owner of Interstate Sawing and Demolition, has expanded his business to take jobs nationally and now internationally. Find out how he has built a thriving demolition and concrete cutting company using Brokk demolition robots.

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