Brokk launches Brokk SmartPower+, its latest industry-leading generation of robots. Discover a groundbreaking shift in demolition robots with Brokk SmartPower+, available at first in five robots: the Brokk 70+, 170+, 200+, 300+ and 500+. More than just an upgrade, Brokk SmartPower+ redefines endurance, joy of operating, and intelligence for unparalleled performance on jobsites around the world. Brokk’s latest generation is expertly engineered to redefine industry standards with its state-of-the-art advancements.



Expertly engineered for unmatched power, Brokk SmartPower+ robots facilitate increased operational uptime and consistent power delivery over time, ushering in unparalleled performance and reliability. Brokk’s newest generation ensures incomparable power, setting an industry benchmark that truly revolutionizes demolition technology.

Featuring rugged components adhering to our high standards, Brokk SmartPower+ robots are shock, temperature, and vibration-resistant, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and work conditions. Along with IP65 equivalent dust and water protection, Brokk’s SmartPower+ generation includes a notable 87% reduction in cables and connectors. This not only signifies a leap forward in streamlining the machine’s service and troubleshooting, but also reduces weak points and offers operators added efficiency and reliability.

Brokk 170 with SmartPower+



Brokk’s SmartPower+ generation features a new, lightweight control box weighing less than 3kg. In addition to its new ergonomic design, the Brokk SmartPower+ control box boasts tilted joysticks, easy-to-reach features, and faster dual charging, which result in far more comfortable and efficient work shifts for both seasoned professionals and new operators alike. Precision, better response times, and ease of operation contribute toward a new benchmark in the demolition landscape thanks to Brokk SmartPower+.


Brokk’s latest control box features operator courtesy lights for a more efficient and secure operating experience. Dual charging capabilities ensure faster charging times, while the lightweight design and ample wrist space allow operators to effortlessly transition between settings. Brokk’s SmartPower+ control box includes the innovative Brokk QuickSwitch and intuitive settings for an improved operating experience, making it easier than ever to operate a Brokk robot, and in turn, easier to find and train operators.


The operating experience with Brokk SmartPower+ robots is best characterized by precision and improved response times. Brokk’s newest generation eliminates the need for operators to approach the machine for radio frequency adjustments, allowing them to control the robot directly from the comfort and safety of the control box. This not only adds a layer of convenience but also contributes to a more enjoyable and efficient operating experience.

Brokk Operator Control Unit with SmartPower+



The intelligence of Brokk’s SmartPower+ generation elevates the operator-machine interaction to new heights. Several visual status communication features – namely incremental light indicators – ensure seamless communication, while simultaneously allowing the operator to focus their attention on the machine rather than constantly having to monitor the control box. The introduction of a sophisticated two-way interaction system enables the Brokk SmartPower+ robot to communicate its status to the operator in real-time, allowing for pre-emptive and preventative maintenance, and in turn, improved operational care and safety.

Customized features and a user-friendly interface enhance the operator experience, with attachment presets for quick and seamless selections. Connectivity is further bolstered by integration with MyBrokk and three times the number of sensors, further enhancing Brokk’s newest generation of robots that is built with uncompromising quality. Brokk’s SmartPower+ generation features components that are also optimized for seamless future upgrades through cloud-based integration to always remain at the forefront of the industry.

Brokk SmartPower+ extends its intelligence to the operator interface, offering customization options in five distinct steps. This user-friendly interface enables operators to easily adjust settings according to their preferences, fostering a more intuitive and efficient operating experience. The introduction of attachment presets further streamlines operations, providing operators with speed-dial-like features on their control box for swift and seamless choices.

Brokk SmartPower+ Cable Carrier


Brokk SmartPower+ is more than just a software upgrade; it represents a groundbreaking shift in demolition technology. From endurance to intelligence and the sheer joy of operating, Brokk SmartPower+ robots stand as a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and providing operators with a tool that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. Welcome to the future of remote-controlled demolition!

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