Of course, the best way of experiencing a Brokk is to see it in action. Still with these videos you can get a glimpse of what this remote-controlled power pack is able to do. For more information and on-site demos, please contact us.


FAQ: Will it Perform As Expected?

Regional Sales Manager Troy Steele explains that on-site demonstrations are the best way to evaluate performance before you buy.

FAQ: Is Bigger Better?

Bigger isn’t always better. Bob McCabe, Brokk Regional Sales Manager, explains it’s about identifying the correct size machine for the type of projects you do.

FAQ: How can we improve efficiency and safety in confined spaces?

Brokk Regional Sales Manager Paul Flood explains how their variety of equipment sizes allows them to provide the right machine for the job.

FAQ: Why Brokk?

Buying a Brokk robot is an investment in your company, in your employees, and in safety.

FAQ: What is Brokk’s Production Rate?

Hear from Brokk Regional Sales Manager Randy Rich as he explains how Brokk’s power-to-weight ratio compares to manual methods, such as a jackhammer, and excavators.

FAQ: Why is Brokk so Powerful?

Hear from Brokk Regional Sales Manager, Jon Graham as he explains how the design and features on our demolition robots can outperform excavators 5 times as big.

FAQ: When can I schedule a demo?

Phil Gangluff, Brokk Regional Sales Manager, explains the process for scheduling a demo.

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