Brokk is leading the way in safe, effective and profitable demolition. Here you find recent press releases and news items about our new products and achievements.

21 December 2020 News articles: Wet vs. Dry

Both Hydrodemolition and remote-controlled demolition increase safety and productivity over manual refractory removal methods, but choosing which process will offer optimal results depends on several factors, including the size of the vessel and the environment. Here are some points of consideration to help you make the right choice.

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21 December 2020 News articles: AMG Partners with Brokk for “Impossible” Demolition

Innovative contractors, like AMG Demolition & Environmental Service Inc., realize today’s urban demolition requires a surgical precision traditional methods and equipment can’t provide. Instead, they look to remote-controlled demolition.

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06 November 2020 News articles: Breaking the Concrete Mold

Finding workers that can operate 60- to 90-pound breakers for a few hours, let alone an entire day, is becoming more and more of a challenge in the labor market

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