Brokk is leading the way in safe, effective and profitable demolition. Here you find recent press releases and news items about our new products and achievements.

27 June 2023 News articles: How to Best Execute Demolition’s Critical Cleanup Phase

Efficiency is the name of the game in demolition. You invest in highly productive equipment to keep projects on schedule. A lack of supporting machinery for the other aspects of the operation, such as cleanup, can tank the efficiency gained from using a Brokk demolition machine.

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27 June 2023 News articles: 3 Common Questions about Demolition Robots in Metal Processing

Taking the leap and investing in a demolition robot is a big decision. Customers typically have numerous questions during the process, from cost to applications to production rates and so on. Brokk is here to provide assistance and answer some of the most common questions about demolition robots in metal processing facilities.

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27 December 2022 News articles: Pier-less Power

Remote-Controlled Demolition Equipment Solves Challenging Helical Pier Application

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