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The Berg Corporation’s Faithful Flock: Six Brokk Machines Aid in the Construction of the Museum of the Bible

Construction is underway on the new home for nearly 40,000 biblical artifacts. The eight-story, $800 million enterprise in the heart of Washington D.C. is funded by Hobby Lobby President Steve Green. The Museum of the Bible will operate out of a circa-1923 refrigeration warehouse, which previously housed the Washington Design Center furnishings showroom. The building has been landmarked, preventing the possibility of a teardown or drastic exterior modifications, which poses several challenges for the assigned contractor, Berg Corporation, a full-service demolition firm out of Baltimore.

When Berg Corporation’s Zachary Gilden, president of the demolition entity, was challenged with this multifaceted, high-profile project, he knew that with the proper arsenal of equipment he could successfully tackle the job — from the removal of the roof, to the expansion of the basement. The project would require extensive concrete removal.

Work began in February of 2015. The majority of the demolition work was to be done during the winter months, and the windows were not to be removed which posed a risk of possible exposure to toxic fumes from improper ventilation. Gilden had to find equipment that would run safely indoors, but still packed the breaking power he required to get the job done. He knew there was only one option for this project, Brokk remote-controlled demolition equipment.

Gilden’s crew consisted of 20 laborers, an assortment of handheld tools, two excavators, and six Brokk remote-controlled demolition machines: ranging from a Brokk 90 up to a Brokk 330.

“Using Brokk machinery was certainly the most efficient and productive means,” Gilden said. “It greatly reduced labor costs by lessening the number of the employees needed to complete the project on-time.”

The renovation is set to be completed by November 2017. Stay tuned for progress updates in upcoming Brokk newsletters!

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